Hard Floor cleaning

Interior Floors

 Do you have dirty grout joints? What about scuffed, stained, and sticky floors?  Well then give us a call at Dixie Steamers and have us come out and give you a free estimate. We have the right equipment and the right training to really bring back the luster to your tile and grout joints. We use modern equipment and food safe chemicals to clean and degrease your kitchen floor and other grout surfaces. We use top of line equipment including a hot water steam pressure washer, water recover system, and chemicals that will take off most scuffs or markings and any caked on grease and turn it into butter, literally! We offer monthly, quarterly, bi annual, and annual services to our clients . 


- Kitchen oil floor cleaning
- Only Food Safe products used

- Carpet safe cleaning solution

- Interior grout joint cleaning
- Tile floors
- vinyl floors